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About Us

About Our Hypoallergenic Clothing


As a women who has been actively engaged in sports, social activities, family involvement, travel, and business, it seemed as though much of my wardrobe was falling into three categories:

- Lounge wear that was comfortable, but was unflattering.

-Specific products that were sporty but more confined to a specific use (gear).

-Fashionable products for transitional use to more sophisticated events.

There seemed to be a void in the market for a clothing line which met my multiple expectations. As I began to explore my personal possibilities to create clothing including bamboo polos, camis, pants and more, to fill this void, I was aware of the necessity of fashion, feminine fit, functionality, environmental sensitivity, and price point acceptance. In trying to incorporate all these features as necessities, gogreen cool was born. The objective was to incorporate the natural features of bamboo into a fashionable fit for use in multiple lifestyle activities, and do this at an affordable price.

My expectations have been realized in the gogreen cool product mix. We were able to achieve a fantastic look and fit, while creating a versatile garment at a very reasonable price. The greatest flattery has come from our customers who rave about the various attributes of our creation of women's and bamboo baby clothing. I am very pleased with our line of bamboo and hypoallergenic clothing and hope you will be as well.

Cathy Judson